Workshops for Women by Women

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis

Invest in Yourself

Discover your personal power at the ‘You’re Worth It’ workshops. These retreat-style events are focused on helping women connect with their own confidence. Take your life and business to the next level when you price from a place of power, close business with confidence, negotiate with knowledge and ask for all you want.


Because you know you are worth more than you see in your life right now. Because you know you can be bolder, braver, stronger, fiercer and more confident. Because you know you can be fearless. Because you know, deep down, that you were made for more. More courage.  

When you know your worth, you know you’re worth it.


You will benefit from this experience if you identify with any of the following tribes of women:

  • Business owners who need direction pricing products and services
  • Sales reps who want to close more business
  • Women transitioning into leadership or a new role or stage in life
  • Early or mid-career women who want to move up and on with their career
  • Those who want to negotiate some kind of increase or change (salary, benefits, contract terms, job function, work environment)


In this interactive workshop-style mini-retreat, you will learn how to connect to confidence in:

  • Communicating courageously
  • Pricing from a place of power
  • Negotiating with knowledge
  • Asking for anything


The inaugural You're Worth It! daylong workshop on March 8th, #IWD2019 took place at Firelight Farm, a refined-rustic wedding and event venue west of Bozeman.  The heart of the farm is a 100-year-old barn that has been fully renovated to reveal its original charm and updated to provide a luxury experience.

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis

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