AM Breakout Sessions

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis

Photo: Mikaela DiBerardinis


Workshop Participants will choose one of the following sessions.

Failure Is Inevitable; Celebrate Forward

Beautifully Equipped - Option 1

Coming clean feels good but it’s not easy. There is power in naming it - in saying it out loud instead of stuffing failure down and only showing up as our perfect Instagram-ready selves.

If treated with respect and given the right attention, each failure can lead to profound opportunities to learn, grown and make change. It’s time to take notice of the positive instead of the negative: shed the weight of feeling like a failure.

Own Your Successes

Beautifully Equipped - Option 2

We tend to move on quickly once our tasks are completed or big milestones are accomplished. Even though success is happening, sometimes it’s easier to remember the painful points that took place along the way instead of the greatness.

This exercise is all about taking time to celebrate you or you and your team - big wins, little wins - and continuing to do so in the future.

Conquer What Holds You Back

Beautifully Equipped - Option 3

It’s common to allow fear to keep us from making a decision, moving forward on a passion project, or just trying new things in general.

Start peeling back the layers and discover where the fear is coming from. Letting fears out, writing them down, and even saying them out loud will allow you to move past hem. When you share them with others, they diminish even further.