PM Breakout Sessions

Workshop participants will choose one of the following breakout sessions.

Interviewing with Confidence - Susan Day

Light of Day Coaching

How do you leverage your life experience when interviewing for a job, going up for a promotion, or re-entering the workforce?

In this session, Susan Day will share examples of how the experiences you may not consider ‘worthy’ of putting on a resume, can provide some of the most powerful opportunities - when you know how to leverage them. Learn how you can parlay even the most insignificant-seeming jobs into relevant job experience.

Hiring with Confidence - Jody Cramer

Big Sky Staffing

Does the thought of hiring give you anxiety, fear or maybe exhaustion? Or maybe you just need a fresh approach?

In this session, Jody Cramer will provide valuable tips and resources to make this process a confident, positive and rewarding experience.