What women are saying about You're Worth It

"I attended the very first “You’re Worth It!” workshop on March 8th.  I am here to tell you that it changed my life!

Each portion of the workshop delved into areas that we all need to look into but rarely make a moment to do so.  I for one am the better for it.  It helped hone my focus on my business and the “me” that is working my business.

The speakers who presided over each portion were calm, knowledgeable and sincerely wanted us all to “rise” together to our own personal best.  You could feel that from the speakers and from each participant.  It was what we were all there for.

The most amazing thing for me (among all the amazing things that day) was that my attention was directed to something in my life that was holding me back in one talk.  In a later talk we were paired together to do an exercise.  During that exercise I was able to work on what was holding me back and because of that it no longer had such a tight hold over me.

Subsequently I was able to reach out and make a connection which will benefit my business and the other business I contacted.  This would not have been likely to have happened if not for the confidence and assurance of self-worth that I gained from the workshop.

I intend to attend each and every one of these workshops when they occur.  They are worth gold.  And so am I!!!"



The event gathered women for all the right reasons. Everyone in the room seemed to be present and eager to discuss the topics on the agenda. 


  Such a FANTASTIC value. I will go every year for the sheer inspiration of women gathered to build confidence and recognizing our strength.


 OMG! There are TOO many things!!  The companionship of other women. The questions you had us ask ourselves (and the sometimes surprising answers I got).  The talks and input from other women as well as the input I gave because I GAVE input as I had the realizations. AMAZING!



Everything that happened, from talks, to meeting other women to looking inside myself in a SAFE space, contributed to the strength I feel and the confidence to continue doing what I'm trying to do!!!!